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    Question Question to those familiar with creating webpages with Oracle and MySQL


    I am interested in improving my skills in MySQL/PHP so I can create nice, robust, interactive database utilizing webpages. I am a novice in both PHP and MySQL.

    I want to be better.

    My school offered an Oracle-PL/SQL class and much of the intro class was what I have read and self-taught of MySQL. The second half of it has since veered off into uncharted territory and this PL scripting appears to have no similarity or relevance to MySQL.

    I have an option to take advanced PL/SQL scripting next semester. Can anyone tell me if it does come back to being relevant to MySQL operations? Or, if I get great at PL/SQL, is there a reasonable option to implement a legal version of Oracle database that interacts well with PHP on a webserver that is intel-based?

    Or am I totally out in left-field?


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    The advanced PL/SQL course will have no relivance to MySQL at all. PL/SQL is basically another scripting language that is built into the Oracle database. This course is more for people who plan on becoming a DBA or doing a lot of database application development in their careers. In the internet industry PL/SQL is rarely if ever used and when it is used it's only due to the lack knowledge that the implementor has of better options.

    Anything you can do with PL/SQL you can do with PHP. The only advantage that PL/SQL gives you is speed and efficiency on the database end. This advantage is lost however if you use java, as the correct implementation of JDBC can be just as efficient as PL/SQL and allows for greater code resume and flexibility.

    It is possible to use Oracle with PHP on an intel based server. I believe Oracle even gives away a free developers copy of oracle that you can use.

    I would highly recommend learning more about oracle specific commands and more advanced SQL but if you plan to stay in the Internet industry PL/SQL is probably a waste of time. Take a class on Object Oriented programming or Project Management instead.
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    Yes Oracle is a powerful Transact-SQL database with the ability to have packages, views and stored proceedures which can help speed up large databases.

    PL/SQL is especially useful when creating search routines where you want to create a keyword table.

    I think my pl/sql search package currently contains around 10 different proceedures and well over 1000 lines of code.

    However the search side of things is incredibly fast (when compared to running a standard sql statement to query every record)

    You can get a free copy of Oracle for development by signing up as a developer on the oracle website I believe.

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