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    Where to buy an existing web hosting company?


    I'm looking into starting a web hosting company. I have a steady income, consider myself educated in the field, but don't want to start from scratch.

    I already have a design, logo, domain, servers to start using for my clients so I think it'd be in my best interest to buy out clients from an existing web hosting company to give me sort of a "boost."

    Are there any websites I could go to that has a steady stream of web hosting companies being put up for sale? I know of, but that's aimed moreso for turnkey websites and the such.

    Also, any parties interested in selling their companies should feel free to PM me so we can talk business.

    Thank you

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    I would advice you to put budget range of your investment, that you can afford to put into "buying other host or it's customers".

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    There is a section of WHT that does have regular number of hosting companies or customers for sale. It is highly competitive, but by watching it closely you can get a good feel for the market for them.:

    Best of luck.
    - Donovan K
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    keep in mind...on average a good client will cost 8-12 months of their payment plan
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