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    Can't reach JaguarPC!

    We have a Windows VPS from and something very strange happened last night, and is persisting into this morning. Does anyone know if there is something going on over at JaguarPC right now that is affecting their operations?

    Last night, I lost the ability to connect to Plesk or Virtuozzo over the Internet ("Page cannot be displayed" error). I had been using Plesk and Virtuozzo during the day. Fortunately, our own applications are still functional, including SSH, and so I was able to RDP over SSH to get to the box, and from within the server, Plesk does still work fine.

    I went to JaguarPC's web site and tried to log in to the client support area. I got a notification that my login/password was not recognized. I clicked "Lost Password", and it prompted me for the primary e-mail address for our account. I tried several alternative e-mails, and for each one got the message that the e-mail address was not recognized.

    I went to JaguarPC's Community Forums and successfully logged in, but when I tried to post, I got an error page that I did not have sufficient permission to post. I checked for any rejected cookies in my cookie manager and didn't find any.

    I went to the Contacts page and the Live Chat link showed Live Chat was offline. This morning, it shows as online, but when I start it up, no one answers.

    The e-mail contact feature does work (at least on the end-user UI end), and I sent an e-mail from the contact page and another from the Live Chat UI last night, but I'm not at work yet to see if there has been any response.

    I'll be calling the sales force on the phone this morning, as it's the only remaining contact I have for them. But meanwhile, does anyone here know what is up? The network status page says that all of the servers are up.



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    They are not answering the phone, either. The voice mail greeting doesn't say they are busy, it says they are unavailable, and it doesn't say try again later, it says leave a message (which I just did).

    Did JaguarPC go out of business, and the only reason my server is still working is because no one has turned it off yet?



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    I finally reached a human being at the non-800 sales number. The person I spoke to said Live Chat had been working from his end, and he could see and reply to my messages - so I don't know why I could not see his. He confirmed Live Chat is disabled at night.

    My inability to log in may be due to changes in the account, so I have some people at work I need to contact and find out what is going on.

    I suspect my inability to post in the forum was due to an old zombie forum account that never got the confirmation e-mail and so was never enabled for posting. I'll have to see if I can remember what my replacement login was that actually did work.

    I still don't know why Plesk and Virtuozzo are inaccessible, though, which is what started this whole thing off. What an odd coincidence that *everything* seemed broken at once.


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    I'm sorry you weren't able to contact us. I doubled checked our phones and chat and all systems are working functionally.

    Our representative, David said he spoke with you this morning. Our live chat is available during sales and billing hours and from the chat logs we were trying to communicate with you. Is it possible that you might be having some connection issues? It appears you weren't receiving our replies.

    Rebeccah ******** says:
    Help! I lost connectivity to Plesk lst night and have been completely unable to contact tech support last night or today.
    David says:
    Hello, may I have your ticket number and domain name?
    Rebeccah ******** says:
    Is this working?
    David says:

    You can also send an email to sales at jaguarpc dot com and we can assist you that way. You can also PM me either here or on our forums.

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    Glad to hear you got through. I too am amazed you had so many problems contacting us when we have so many channels with direct email sales at, twitter @jaguarpc, the forums, live chat, and phones. I'm sure we can get to the bottom of you not being able to reach your VPS quickly.
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    Thanks for replying, Les and Tracie. I got into work this morning and had e-mails waiting for me in response to my online e-mails, so we are on our way to getting the issues resolved.


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