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    Sonicwall Configuration


    I was looking around the forum and studying the reviews, pros and cons of using a hardware firewall in a webhosting environment. Most of us prefer not to use hardware firewalls and instead use csf/apf. on the other hand some actually believe that hardware firewalls might work pretty good by setting limits to access from the outside world.

    I dont want to bring the discussion up here again, The thing is I got a sonicwall device that is not being used anywhere in my network. I was thinking to use it for my webserver.

    Yesterday I did my best to set it up with my Centos/Cpanel webserver but it didn't work at all. I have another IIS webserver w/o any Control panel. It just worked fine with that.

    Both servers have local IP addresses as well as public IPs. I have assigned one public incoming IP address for the firewall that it refers traffic from that address to my local IPs assigned to Cpanel or IIS servers.

    Once again, the problem is that IIS works fine with this technic while cpanel does not work at all.

    Please advise

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    there is no reason why cpanel doesn't work - i have cpanel and windows behind a sonicwall without any issues... can you ping the ports or browse from behing the FW?
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