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    Domain Transfers, what is your success rate?

    Is it just me?

    In my experience it seems that nearly every time I get a domain name transfer order, it fails at least once or twice before actually moving into my eNom reseller account. The domain is locked, or the auth code is wrong, or nobody has control of the admin email, yada yada, blah blah...

    The clients never seem to understand the process and it becomes a hand holding duty. I can live with this, I work hard for my clients, but I was wondering if anyone out there had any better luck. Or is it just simply, ugh, here we go again, with each transfer order - a pain?

    Of course being registrar for a customer has it's advantages, updating dns, whois records, etc. But boy, each time I get a transfer order I feel like "I'm baby sitting and not getting paid." :}

    WHT? Your input would be very helpful.

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    Depends on where the transfers are coming from. Some domain companies permit you to transfer domains out instantly, others make you wait.

    Im sure if they all moved towards the instant approach it would be alot easier to have things transferred.
    James Paul Woods
    Operations Manager
    HostKitty Internet Services

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