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    need help for file shering project

    hi all:

    i want to build a fileshering web site, i know from the start that trafic to my site will be high becouse it is not a regular file host site and i belive that i will have a lot of downloads as service will be mostly free of charge.

    from what i understand i will need massive servers or at least good servers with high data transfer speed , reliable up time , very big storage space and massive bandwith.

    i understand that budget should be high for this and i am not cutting on budget, i thought on first starting low and then upgrading but the low point of this poject will still need to have the best i can find both in speed ,storage and bandwith.

    can you reccomend what service or way i can use for this project?

    what servers rapidshare use? megaupload? i know i am still at start but i want a clean start.

    thank you for your reply.

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    Start with 1 server with 2x 1.5tb drives, and 100mbit with minimun 10TB, with possibility to upgrade to 100Mbit Unmetered. Use the first drive, then setup a new server on the second drive when needed.

    If you planning on using ADs to make your money, you need to rethink.
    Even just to cover server costs.

    Only way to make any money, is to make the user want the files so bad, that he will pay to get them. That means that you need a small max file size, so the uploaders splits the files into parts of like 300Mb. That means restricting how much free users are allowed to download per day, 3day, waiting time, etc..

    You also have to think about payment methods, Terms of Service etc.
    Also you might need a good website design, so your site look special and professional.

    There is some competision out here
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    thanks chrda for your words.

    for now making money is not our goal.

    we are inteded to lose money.
    it is somthing else we are after right now :-)

    the offer you gave sounds good, i am not sure due becouse im not a pro... can you elibrate how do i get to this?

    who support these servers you wrote?

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    I'd probably avoid going with extremely huge drives on a single server, and instead go with 3 750GB drives in RAID-5 to have a bit of redundancy in case a drive fails, as well as some speed benefits.

    You need to figure out how you're going to balance files between servers, and avoid going for monster servers, as they can be pretty expensive.
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    You probably need a good server with high bandwidth and storage. You can go with Core 2 Quad, 4GB RAM, RAID5 storage, and 100Mbps unmetered port.
    BTW, what is your budget? Can you manage the server by yourself?
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    hi cris:
    can you point out on a way to do it on , how to balance servers.

    who provide this service?

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    I'm also starting up a file sharing website.
    Can i ask why you guys are saying RAID5? Would it not be better to choose RAID1 and upgrade as you need?

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    The balancing is in the is in the script you use.
    Main webserver = no file hosted, just the frontend script
    Then you have Fileserver1, Fileserver2, Fileserver3 etc that
    And the frontend script balance out to these fileservers
    A good script is this: version 1.6 is out any day now..

    The raid depends on the speed you are going to have on the box i guess.
    I currently use servers with raid10 and 250Mbit link with the option to upgrade speed and drives will still handle it.
    I guess you can go long with HW Raid 5 also you get more space for your money.
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    My recommendation would be to take a look at

    They offer great prices on servers with 10TB transfers starting at $199/mo, and you can add an unmetered 100mbps line for $279/mo.

    If you know your going to exceed 10TB of transfer in your first month do yourself a favor and get yourself a dedicated line. is also highly recommend around the forums, and have great prices as well.

    The Main attraction with is their servers are hosted on the famous Softlayer Network. You know the performance will be there when you need it.

    BurstNet has some great servers and their network is pretty solid, but it doesn't compare to Softlayer. BurstNet doesn't have the latest Xeon Nehalem Processors either(at least I cant find them on the site). So if your looking for absolute cheep and good quality service. BurstNet's a good Choice. If you want powerful servers, on one of the best networks worldwide 10TB's the way to go.

    Either one you go with, contact the sales team, I'm sure they'll be happy to work something out with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanielSON View Post
    I'm also starting up a file sharing website.
    Can i ask why you guys are saying RAID5? Would it not be better to choose RAID1 and upgrade as you need?
    They are saying Raid 5 because you get "More Bang for the buck". Basicly with raid 5 you lose an inth of your drives where as with raid 1 you lose half of your drives. so if you had 4x1tb drives.

    With raid 5 you could get 3tb of storage. and with raid 1 or in this case you'd have to do a raid 1 you would get 1TB of storage per set, thats a total of 2tb.

    With that said If your looking for performance over all raid 1 is the best way to go. But raid 5 offers more space, and you still get some data redundancy, and some speed benefits of using a raid.

    If your looking for crazy performance and redundancy I think one of the best raids to go with would be a 15 or "1+5" that's where you do say 3 sets of 1tb's with raid 1. then raid those together with a raid 5... that would require a minimum of 6 drives. and you would lose ~ 67% of your storage capacity.
    You'd end up with 2TB of space using 6 1tb drives lol... yet you could withstand up to 4 drive failures at one given time... as long as failures are spread among the raid 1's.

    BTW lenagure, I would not suggest getting a quote on that config lol
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    You should go for a setup with decent processors and ram and big storage space. 2 x 1 TB drives should do. You might want to look at maybe doing a RAID to protect your data as well.

    The key here is the storage space and performance as file sharing makes a lot of I/O requests on the drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by existsite View Post
    The key here is the storage space and performance as file sharing makes a lot of I/O requests on the drives.
    Yeah, good point here, make sure your getting a well performing drives. Your best option for performance and price would be SATA Drives, and I would recommend High RPM drives if you can afford them.

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