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    Thumbs up How to Attract Traffic ??

    hello ,

    I'm a newbie here. Just read a blog which talks about gaining profit from traffic.

    Just how exactly do you attract traffic to your website?

    hope you can share to me some tips.


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    links bail, hot topic, sweet tricks, friendly links, etc.

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    Write and submit article and blog and the Internet Directories this will increase the backlink to your site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inspiron View Post
    Write and submit article and blog and the Internet Directories this will increase the backlink to your site.
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    do link exchange and you will see your traffic boosted

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    using social networking sites like twritter

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    Twitter and other networks are good ways to do so. Submit articles, submit your site everywhere search engine wise, flyers (locally). Blog, blog, blog. Find like minded blogs and share your thoughts and ideas with them in comments (just make sure it's relevant and it's not something stupid). You'll get there over time.
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    there are many ways to attract your traffic, like this forum. post a good thread and put your backlink at the signature. if somebody love your thread, they will click your link.

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    Some good Steps to get Traffic.

    (1)Press Release submission
    (2)Video Submission
    (3)Do Follow Blog Posting
    (4)Creating profile in networking site
    (6)Join relevant category forums
    (7)Submit to search engine directories.
    (8)Using ezine ads
    (9)Creating and publishing articles.
    (10)One way, two way Links from related websites

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    Forum posting is the best ways to get some good referral traffic and back links. Also can increase the knowledge and interesting too to talk

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    Don't just write articles, PRs and those other stuff. Do some serious keyword research first. Even if it takes you two days (it shouldn't). Then write highly targeted articles and press releases(you can hire someone to do that for you). In short, ensure you optimize everything...including the videos. Then watch your clock and see traffic come (sounds easy here,huh)? What you do with the huge traffic now is upon you! Can you convert? That, maybe should worry you more

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    Promote your site on places where your targeted market is, or even on places where you think people there might be interested.

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    Don't forget to publish attractive and useful content for your visitors. This will not only improve traffic, but also the quality of the website.

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    Submit your website in social bookmarking website and take participate in social media website and aware people about your website

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    Content is KING. If your content is rubbish no one will want to come to your website. If your content is good people will come back again. They are also more likely to link you. Which is good for SEO...
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    1) Offer free, original, and quality content on your site, content is the king, content is the most important base for large traffic
    2) Advertise your website in Google or other high traffic webs, it cost you some money, but really an effective way
    3) Get more external links which will bring you much traffic
    4) Exchanging advertising or links which will also bring you much traffic
    Most important, be patient, if you use some techniques to increase traffic, more or less, the numbers go up but useless to your sales. Only those traffic related to your products could improve your sales.

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    using social networking sites like twritter, facebook, digg
    you can get good traffic using social networks

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    What do you guys think of, in addition to everything that's been mentioned, using a company such as to help in these processes?

    Essentially I was searching for targeted email lists to which I can send an advertising email to people who have signed up for information in specific industries and that site came up. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them or other similar companies?

    Also, are these services even worth paying for or can you get the same results on your own and in the same amount of time?

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    Writing good contents in your blogs and submitting your blog to the top most directories can definitely help you to boost more traffics to your site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirksmith888 View Post
    hello ,

    I'm a newbie here. Just read a blog which talks about gaining profit from traffic.

    Just how exactly do you attract traffic to your website?

    hope you can share to me some tips.

    1. identify profitable keyword (criteria: high volume/low competition)
    2. optimize website for phrase(s)
    3. build links back to your website from relevant websites

    that's basically it in a nutshell

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    Ahh, don't you just love the "infomercial" threads starters, digitalpoint and V7N are full of them as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefandango View Post
    Ahh, don't you just love the "infomercial" threads starters, digitalpoint and V7N are full of them as well.
    I hope that wasn't directed at me because I was actually interested in seeing what people thought of sites like that!

    Someone else posted a comment here saying that to gain traffic, you can write press releases and articles or "pay someone to do it for you". Just curious if anyone has had success with such services.

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    Participation in online forums ,choose relevant forums based on your niche , register in the forums and don't forget to add signature link when you sign off a forum post.

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    I think if you want to attract traffic to your sites, you might first let other surfers see your sites. So, PPC would help you getting instant traffic while SEO would help you more in the long run. Of course, attractive contents on site would perfect above marketing campaigns. IMO.
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    twitter, facebook, content submission,'s all around. do it and do well.

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    I have had success writing articles relating to the industry and submitting them to article directories, a good article can bring in a steady stream of traffic...

    Submit 1 a week for maximum effect and you'll be rolling in traffic

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    It is the regularly updated content that attracts visitors to your blog.

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    Content: He is the one. then key words, then make back links. than other things.....this is the procedure am following.

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    great hints guys, thnx,

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    links bail
    hot topic
    sweet tricks
    friendly links
    Social Media

    FYI*Once you get increase traffic, you can set up affiliates to advertise on your site to make some xtra $$

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