Hi guys,

I forgot to pay my eBay fees as I went on holiday, so I received a letter through the door from IQOR (debt collectors).

Claiming £16.61 haha... funny thing is the letter isnít that professional.

It says

Dear Owens, rather than Dear Mr Owens.

When I phone up to inquire about this letter, I am asked a series of questions to build a 'case file'.

You Ref number (I told him the number on the phone) he then tells me there is nothing under that number.

He then tried to get my details (Address, DOB etc) which I never gave out...

I feel if they have my Full Name, then they should be able to find me on their 'so called' database along with eBay id etc.

After I confronted them on the phone about not knowing anything about me, he just hung up!

Anyone else received anything like this?