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    * We Are Moving: Network and Media Streaming in new home

    My happy little familiy will be moving into a new house in a few months.

    Now I'm trying to wrap my head around what we want to do in terms of creating a nice-network/media flow in the house.

    So ... I'm looking into wireless solutions, wired DLNA and HDMI and thinking of back-end setup, which OS should power the home, what needs to be virtualized, must have software, tomorrows technologies and what not.

    No matter where I start i return to Windows Media Center solution. So I thought some of you nice guys and gals would share your setup and ideas on creating a nice flow.

    It doesn't matter if there is hassle getting everything up and running - but it should be stable and userfriendly when taken into use.

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    Well when it comes down to it, for expandability reasons I would definitely recommend if you go the wired route ensure you get a decent switch with a proper backplane on it. Also ensure you have ample spare ports on any switch gear (saves time down the road...).

    My current setup is quite old as I've not really had a need to move my network to gig-e yet.

    16-port 10/100 FD linksys switch, wrt54gs router running as an Access Point, Untangle setup on a P4 handling routing,dns,dhcp. Fedora linux box as a network file server running samba for windows shares.

    When it comes down to it one major thing you should consider since you do mention both stability and being user friendly, I would look at some linux distros for file storage purposes.
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