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    * FSCKVPS account suspended (Stay away from Paypal Subscriptions with them)

    Hi all. If you are a FSCKVPS member then be aware that you should NOT pay your invoices using their Paypal subscriptions.

    Here's my story: My first monthly payment I made using a regular Paypal payment. Everything was ok. So I created a subscription the next month and was immediately billed by Paypal. Interestingly my invoice was still marked "UNPAYED" in the fsckvps system. So I opened a support ticket (10 days ago now). They forwarded it to their "Billing Level 2" departement and told me that they have problems processing Paypal payments that are subscriptions. Days went by and nothing happened. I received emails that my payment was overdue so I asked them again to please mark the invoice as "PAYED". Nothing happened.

    Until yesterday they suspended my account!!! Ever since I'm trying to get my account back online. I even payed the invoice again (!!!) using a regular Paypal payment but that didn't help anything except that I'm paying twice for no service now. Nobody seems to care. I opened another ticket with support, hoping that another departement might be more helpful but the ticket was just again forwarded to "Billing Level 2". There's no phone number or anything to contact them. It's a shame, because I like their service and the technical support personnel has always been a great help to me. But not their billing people.

    KHB-300228: Invoice #207287 unpayed?
    SFX-669282: URGENT KHB-300228 / Invoice #207287
    OCV-518983: Unsuspend suspended Account !!!

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    It is a business day, I'd keep trying to contact them before the weekend hits as some hosts' billing departments are off on weekends. Keep trying, maybe contacting their support dept to get them to check this for you.

    Keep us updated and good luck!
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    Hi all. It's all good. My email to Rus was successful. Quote: "Your VPS has been enabled for you. I will check to see why the paypal payment wasn't reflected for you". Now it's just the duplicate payment and any subsequent payments.

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    I'm glad this is resolved for you. Please note our billing dept is only open during UK office hours

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    Are you aware that your responses to tickets are often somewhat brusque?! An apology and some expression of empathy with your customer would go a long way. As it is, your responses never seem to accept that your organisation has screwed up.

    (That's a general observation, having been on the receiving end of some of your ticket responses, not just a comment on this thread.)

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    It could have been an issue with the PayPal API. We have been having issues with payments being credited, however this was about a week or so ago. Good thing we do not use WHMCS for automation.
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