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    * CITYSTUDENT.COM - Fully Developed College Social Network Site

    For Sale: Social Network Website was a concept we conceived back in 2006 with the goal to serve as a one-stop social resource for college students. Students attending college in a "big city" often come from rural areas and are not readily accustomed to city life. offers college students valuable and easily accessible information specifically pertaining to the city that they are living in. Our goal was to start with Toronto (our hometown) and expand across Canada and eventually to the United States and Internationally.

    * What restaurants are open late?

    * Where is the hottest nightclub?

    * What is happening this weekend?

    .. these are just a few questions one might visit CityStudent to answer.

    With the concept crystal clear in our minds, the next step was coming up with the software to make this site a reality. This proved to be much more challenging than we initially anticipated. We created a system that does the following, and does it WELL.

    * Featured article "slideshow" module

    * Article/content management (CMS)

    * Article ratings and comments

    * Video gallery (embedded flash viewer)

    * Advertisement/banner management system

    * Newsletter subscription

    * Allow users to submit their own articles (e-mail webform)

    * Venue listing (picture/description/map/voting/comments)

    * Restaurant listing (picture/description/map/voting/comments)

    * Event listing (picture/description/map/voting/comments)

    * Events calendar, which links to Events, Venues, Restaurants

    * Tutor profiles, organized by subject

    * Allow users to Search easily

    * Allow for multiple authors, editors, administrators with varying level of access

    * SEO optimized titles, URLs and meta data

    The system took over 2 years to develop. The site cost over $10,000 to build from the ground up. Unfortunately by November 2008, when we finally had a working system and were almost ready to launch, the project had lost momentum and one of the founders had lost interest in completing it. The site has been left in my hands, and I have been "planning to do something with it" for 1 year. Since I am working full time at a consulting firm with tons of travel, I have absolutely no time to market and run this site. Also we are expecting a child, so therefore the wisest thing for me to do would be to sell the site and let someone else pick up where we left off.

    The site is READY to go, and just needs someone who can write and/or maintain the articles. You can hire someone overseas to write articles, or you could find students at local colleges. The amount of traffic this site is capable of generating is HUGE, due to the Search Engine Optimized content. Using the built in banner management system you can easily maintain and track advertisements.

    The winner of this auction will get (after full payment received):

    * domain name (transferred from GoDaddy)
    * citystudent content and data (transferred from, or you can keep it hosted at
    * citystudent photoshop sources and logo sources

    I will help the winning bidder get started running the site and make sure they are comfortable running it.

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    how much are yo after for this i.e. minimum sell as im assuming you must have one?


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