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    * ServerOrigin.Com - Website Down / Datacenter Issue - Short Outage working to resolve.

    -12:31AM CDT:

    We are experiencing an outage due to a POP issue in California that direct connects to one of our primary datacenters (Staminus). This is affecting thousands of customers including, apparently, our entire datacenter at Staminus.Net. We're working to get this issue resolved asap. As stated, this is a huge outage and is potentially affecting multiple datacenters on the West coast. We're awaiting word for more details on the situation. Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue. Some ethProxy customers are affected in this outage.

    No Shared / VPS / Reseller / IRC subscribers are currently affected by this issue.

    Our website is also affected by this outage, you can still contact support via: [email protected].

    You can also login to our support system at:

    Check status via:

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    Dear Subscribers,

    02:03AM CDT - After the short outage we appear to be back online. This outage appears to have affected several other datacenters. We are awaiting verification of a resolution but at this time, servers appear to be back online and responsive. We thank you for your patience with this matter and we hope to have word that the outage is cleared shortly.


    Kevin H.

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