• PHP: 8 years experience with nearly every aspect of PHP.
  • MySQL: 8 years experience.
  • Regular Expressions: 4 years experience writing regex for searches, mod_rewrite, templating engines, and so on.
  • HTML/CSS: Complete understanding and ability to translate any template to proper standards.
  • JavaScript: Beyond working knowledge of javascript, and jQuery.
  • Mod_rewrite: "Fancy URLs", such as the ones that wordpress, digg, and so on use - I have three years experience working with mod_rewrite, and over two years writing them with the core script in mind.

Previous Work:
  • 5th Age: Ingame help system, consultation, and various scripts.
  • Sword in Hand: Rewrote large portions of the backend as per specifications, split several designs up from PSD, converted to HTML/CSS. As of 10/22/09 only roughly 70% of the original HTML/CSS is in tact. I also manage the server, and domains belonging to this client.
  • Gamesiren: Personal site written in a few days from the ground up.
  • Several poker, and gaming related sites I will not link due to forum rules and at the request of the owners. A few of these projects are visible to the public, and I will link upon private request.
  • Sub-Contracted work for ImpulseCorp, owner of
  • A complete PHP/MySQL-based modular site engine powering and several other sites
  • Various spider projects to scan various sites for information and store them into a database.
  • Templating engine similar to SMARTY. Use of regular expressions to translate a basic language into PHP, then cache the file. Code available on request.
  • Many contracted scripts
  • More available on request, and on my personal site (Link in my signature).

I charge hourly rates and give an estimate when I start the job. I stick to whatever estimate I give, and am able to offer a sliding scale pricing system if you can not afford my standard rate. Contact me with the details of your project for more information.
You will not have to pay any amount until after the job is complete. You will be able to see every stage of development, on a private test site owned by myself. Escrow services can be used on request, but Paypal is preferred.

Full-time work:
I am currently accepting full time work at a minimum of 10 hours a month. This allows a set number of hours* to be bought each month, and work being covered up to that point. Any number of hours billed after this, will be billed at a discounted rate. More information is available in the 'FAQ' section of my site, linked in my signature.

*To be billed regardless of work assigned. Work assigned during this time (At least 5 days before end of payment period) will be completed to the number of hours paid with the penalty of a partial (Total hours worked) payment for that work period. All Full-time jobs will have priority, and the number of hours billed will be set aside each period, regardless of whether worked was assigned or not.

Payment Method:
I accept Paypal, and various Escrow services. However, paypal is preferred due to the lesser fees.

Contacting me:
Please do not send me a private message, contact me at [email protected] with the subject prefix of "PHP JOB:".

More Information:
Freelance PHP development is an area home to much fraud, insecure and overall shoddy programming. I can assure you that any project I work on, I will work on with security, optimization, and future support* in mind. I am willing to work up to 16 hours a day on any project I receive to meet deadlines - and will try to get most small / mid-sized projects done in less than a week.
While I am not able to promise my code will be exploit-free, I can assure you that I have many years experience with this area - and my most recent project was written with the utmost security in mind and stress tested to the fullest.

*I provide free, lifetime support of any code I create - this includes fixing bugs, fixing security holes, and other things along those lines. Any upgrading or new features, will cost - however I will provide a discount depending on the complexity of the new features.