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    Shared Hosting Recommendations

    I'm looking for a little help choosing a web hosting provider. I was previously with CIHost until they sold me to a bunch of monkeys by the name of X7 Hosting.

    A little background... I manage the webservers for our department (running Mac OS X Client 10.4.11) and have a decent understanding of system security, networking, unix, databases, and system administration. Honestly, what would probably make me the most happy would be somewhere that would co-locate a Mac system at a cost that was reasonably affordable to me. But, as really all I am doing is hosting a fan website for someone it just doesn't seem cost effective or reasonable unless I am missing something.

    Basically, every problem that I have called in for support on, if I had root access on the system, I could have solved on my own.

    Things I am looking for...

    A UNIX or Mac host with:

    1) SSH access (I do most of my stuff via SSH/vi)
    2) FTP or preferably SFTP for file transfer
    3) PHP
    4) mySQL (with the ability to totally manage & create databases using phpMyAdmin)
    5) 27/7 Tech Support that fluently speaks and understands English, and does not ask me for my password every time I call in. Even AOL doesn't ask for your password, but I'm amazed at the few hosts I've had experiences with will send it in a plain text e-mail, ask for it over a standard HTTP connection, etc.

    There is no reason it should take 48 hours to rename a database. Also, I should not have to call in every time I want to create one.

    I'm basically looking for a shared hosting provider who will not make a Unix sysadmin who is just trying to run a website want to
    reach through the phone to kill the person on the other end who is frantically flipping through a manual so they can read to you.

    10G of disk space is more than enough
    I have no real idea of the bandwidth requirements as X7 can't seem to give me a believable figure - but they tell me I have 2,000,000 MB.

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    It sounds like you are looking for Searching around WHT should show you a ton of reviews to confirm that they are what you are looking for. (I'm mostly in the same boat as you, but not quite a real sysadmin.)

    They are also running a special you might be interested in if you want to try them out:

    They also just enabled FTPES and FTPS to complement FTP and SFTP:
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    On cpanel hosts you can't create DB through PhpMyadmin, you have to do it through Cpanel.
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    That's fine... a minor inconvenience, as long as I can do most everything else through phpMyAdmin. I'm not a big fan of using admin panels, as I'm more of a command line type of person - but as long as cPanel isn't a huge bastardization, it shouldn't be an issue for just database creation.

    BTW, I realize phpMyAdmin is an admin panel in and of itself sort of - however, in my opinion it's one of the slickest, easiest, and well thought out pieces of admin/management software out there.

    Knowledgable support and security-minded folks are my biggest concerns.

    On, X7 Hosting, my site was hacked and started spreading malware. When I informed them what had happened and that I had cleaned up and found a few backdoor access scripts lying around (Sleepwalker Connect) - they didn't even care. It was like "ok, so you're good then". I would have thought they might want to check things out themselves but the support just did not understand that the entire box my site was on could now possibly be comprimised.
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    Hmm, 27/7 support might be a bit hard to find. Your other requirements seem reasonable tho.

    I've always been impressed with the technical competence of the guys at (eg. search for posts by the owner, layer0, here), but their plans' disk quotas are lower than what you have in mind. Do you really need 10GB?

    Quote Originally Posted by moonchilddave View Post
    I'm basically looking for a shared hosting provider who will not make a Unix sysadmin who is just trying to run a website want to reach through the phone to kill the person on the other end who is frantically flipping through a manual so they can read to you.

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