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    Host Gator vs Go Daddy

    Hi All - this is my 1st post.

    I signed up with GoDaddy several days ago and copied my site files in, etc. I needed to add someone with account privileges and found the process totally unintuitive and their online help useless, etc. More I could explain but the bottom line is I am not sure I want to continue with them.

    Host Gator seems well regarded.
    Are their processes intuitive?
    Is tech support easy to reach without long waits?
    Is tech support knowledgeable (Go Daddy was so - so at times)?

    Thanks for your help

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    HostGator is a hosting company, so naturally you will find them better for hosting than GoDaddy, which is more domain name oriented.

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    As far as I know, Hostgator seems to have good feedback on WHT and almost everywhere else. Rare to see negative reviews on their service.

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    hands down hostgator. The main reason I say that is godaddy's control panel is pure feces and their support is outsourced, rude and ignorant. While I may not agree with hostgator's business model they are a good host with lots of good reviews.

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    Yes, definitly go with Hostgator over GoDaddy. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    godaddy isn't great with support - I'm speaking from being a domain customer. I have dozens of domains but barely use the support system, and when I have to, responses are very slow. So I wouldn't really trust them with support if you plan on going with them.

    Hostgator I have no exp with, you'll have to take the word from the above users. Good luck

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    I would suggest Hostgator over Go Daddy, definitely.

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    I used both in the past. I would probably agree that Host Gator is the better solution for an easy to use hosting account BUT I not quite agree with most people saying Godaddy is not good and support is not good. I have never had problems with the support of Godaddy which works with ticket system. You gotta wait a coupe hours but they will answer and most of the time I could solve problems quickly.

    Having said that, Hostgator is still more easy to use.

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    Go with HostGator

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    I believe that goddady is best domain registrar but not sure about their support. Nothing to worry with hostgator.
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    godaddy and hostgator both are nice hosting providers, you can try godaddy there telephone support is nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by transformer View Post
    godaddy and hostgator both are nice hosting providers, you can try godaddy there telephone support is nice.
    He is currently hosted at godaddy .

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    Hostgator is just great allover

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    I can't compare their support as I didn't need Godaddy's, but in my experience, there is a difference in how servers perform, with HG being the winner.

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    You will be much happier with HostGator and their support is great. Best of luck!
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    HostGator having great support as I used to be with them while my project going on.

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    I've used both of them for long periods of time. No doubt, HostGator is better from what I experienced.

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    go with hostgator

    hostgator only gives you linux hosting , whereas godaddy gives you windows hosting as well

    if you need asp, then go with godaddy....

    for linux hosting, hostgator is far superior

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    When it comes to support I can't say godaddy is doing a great job. If you look around at some threads here, you'll see that they are not really famous on providing a good support. And regarding Hostgator, I think it is good to think about moving with them.

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    Thumbs up Hostgator.I have good experience with them
    online and ticket supports are good and responsive.I other hand godaddy is mainly domain orriented from my friend experience their support is very poor and the cpanel also dull. I suggest Hostgator so go 4 it

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    hostgator is obviously the better choice.

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    Yup, Hostgator is much better than godaddy. And support is better too

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    [QUOTE=RidgeHiker;6457747]Hi All - this is my 1st post.

    I host with GoDaddy, because I think their phone service is second to none. I wasnt put on hold and everytime I call them I have resolved my problem.

    On the down side their email reply can often take up to 24hours, and their updating/add-ons take a while to become active.

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    I'll echo support for Hostgator. Even when I went off half-cocked on one of their employees about a mistake I made, they still remained very professional. That was years ago and I was in the wrong.

    My problems of GoDaddy stems from trying to support products on their systems. Their Linux configurations are very non-standard (from a general hosting perspective) last time I reviewed. SSL socket connections (using curl, etc.)have to go through a proxy which is a pain in the ass when no one else does it. It also makes moving servers a pain in the ass. Need an example? Look at the payment systems in Magento ecommerce - when you need to add a feature to an application for a specific host, you kind of get the idea that whoever administers their systems needs to stop taking the "we're big, you do it our way" approach and leverage a little more standardization.

    As someone who has supported many GoDaddy customers in the past, I can tell you GoDaddy can be a pain in the ass. Do I think their support sucks? Not really any more or less than any other host can.

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    I have used host gator for over a year now. What I love is there service there Live Chat is almost always up and I can get answers to my questions so easily that way there is never a wait on there live chat either and never a question they havent answered.

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    I find it hard to see GoDaddy support is outsourced and do you have any proof to back that up ? As I have called many many many times and have never had a foreign person pick up the phone and always english speaking.

    I have also never had a problem with GoDaddys support and has been awesome.

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    I can't recommand GoDaddy or Hostgator, as I haven't used either one.

    However I would definitely choose a bonafied web host (Hostgator) over a bonafied domain registrar (GoDaddy).

    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    Register with godaddy and buy hosting with hostgator that is the way to go
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    I've heard some good things about HostGator from time to time, but looking at their plans and seeing "UNLIMITED" scares me - there is no such thing as unlimited. Seeing that word from a webhost tends to make me steer clear of them.

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    Both are very great hosts, however at the end of the day, i would suggest HostGator.

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