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    Dathorn - 3 years and I'm still happy.

    I just wanted to post about how great Dathorn has been for me over the past three years, I switched to them after the whole Bliksem fiasco a while back. I have one reseller account with about 10 websites I host for clients.

    I operate an IT company, we host websites and DNS because its easier for us to do it then having to work with third parties. I make maybe 4 tickets a year with Dathorn. Response times are quick and the techs are friendly and knowledgeable.

    I recommend Dathorn as a reseller web host. I couldn't be happier.

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    We don't hear often about Dathorn anymore. Your post is proof I guess that "no news is usually good news".

    PS. Review validated. Your email domain is and has been hosted by Dathorn.

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    Glad to see a provider has been able to keep you happy for 3 years. Hope things are kept running smoothly for you.

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