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    First Dedicated Server Advice

    Hi everyone

    We have outgrown shared hosting for our windows web application (using MSSQL) and are considering a dedicated server.

    As we need it managed poractively, it seems the cheapest way to do this is getting an unmanaged server and buying a server management firm.

    So we're thinking of getting the following from Rapidswitch (as must be UK based):

    Core 2 Duo E5200
    2GB RAM
    2x 160GB HDD
    Software RAID 1
    Windows Web Server 2008

    for 49 a month (with 119 set up)

    So, my questions are
    Is it worth upgrading the CPU to a Core 2 Quad Q8200 for 15 a month?
    Should I just go with 1x 160GB HDD?
    Alternatively, could upgrade to 1x 300GB 10,000rpm VelociRaptor (2x is too expensive)?

    Any other thoughts? Possibly somewhere cheaper?

    Poundhost are about the same at 49 a month, but they don't have the option of a cheap Quad core.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated!

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    If the upgrade would be worth taking will completely depend on your application.

    How many users are you providing services to? What type of application are you using?

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    Its a web application coded with Classic ASP, using an MSSQL database. The database is only 300MB in size, the largest table having about 500,000 records.

    We did try a Hyper-V VPS which had the CPU reaching 100% for certain queries (although only for a fraction of a second) when there was one single user testing it.

    It's hard to say how many are using it at any one time, I'd say at least 50 concurrently, possibly far more as there are 1000's of users. Certain pages are quite database intensive though.

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    Anyone have any comments?

    Found OVH with the fantastic deal on a Core i5, 8GB RAM, SSDs, etc for the same price, not so sure about the quality compared to Rapidswitch though?

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    Well, except for some network problems in the not too distant past I've been reasonably satisfied with RapidSwitch. I'd recommend taking the upgrade, not so much for the CPU as for the "free" 10TB/month upgrade you get with that + 2GB RAM.

    Also, unless you're getting a non-standard box, their RAIDs are actually two-channel 3Ware hardware controllers.

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    Thanks for the info.

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