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    Thumbs up Shared Web Hosting Customers for Sale ... Annual Income about $38,000


    Our company is going to concentrate only on Dedicated Hosting services and therefore selling its Shared Hosting Customers.

    This sale includes only Customer Account Info + Their Server Data.
    We will throw in all our Domain Registration accounts for free (refer them to transfer their domain to your registrar when renewal comes).

    This sales does not include our brand name, or any server hardware. Customer data will be migrated to the buyer's system and buyer will migrate all customer data to its servers.

    We will continue to operate as a web hosting company offering dedicated server solutions.

    General Information:

    • About 530 Accounts for an approximate total of $38,000 USD per year revenue
    • About 1-2 tickets a day by customers
    • More than 70% of customers are from the USA
    • 85% Pay with Credit Card, 15% Pay with PayPal
    • We use the Hsphere Control Panel from parallels
    • Profitable web hosting operation
    • 70% use Windows Hosting Plans, 30% use Linux Hosting Plans
    • Only about 15 MBPS of bandwidth used TOTAL for all accounts
    • About 600 GB of data storage space used for ALL accounts
    • Happy customers with very minimal support
    • Service uses 4 web servers (3 Windows, 1 Linux) which are virtualized inside one physical machine

    Billing Periods Breakdown:

    • 92 Accounts pay Monthly
    • 66 Accounts pay Quarterly
    • 35 Accounts pay Semi-Annually
    • 321 Accounts pay Annually

    As you can see, this operation needs MINIMAL fees to run and generate a substantial income.

    For more information on this sale or to request an NDA for more details, you can PM me or email me lazouche (at)

    You can send in your bids as well. There is no set minimum bid, but only reasonable offers will be considered.

    Thank You

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    Looks very stable. Good luck on the sale.

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    BIN how much?

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    what is the Server running cost ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by energetic View Post
    what is the Server running cost ?
    The OP mentioned that the server hardware isnt included and all accounts to be migrated to your own servers.

    But looking at that requirement, you can probably get away with a efew hundred dollars for a decent DC and server.

    One quick question, can you give me a break down of the following, I am sure it will get others interested too:

    * 92 Accounts pay Monthly -=$ py
    * 66 Accounts pay Quarterly -=$ py
    * 35 Accounts pay Semi-Annually -=$ py
    * 321 Accounts pay Annually -=$ py

    As this will help to see how much of the $38k is yearly payable
    NetEarth One
    ICANN Accredited Registrar,
    SSLReseller - WHMCS SSL module now released into BETA
    Full UK support, 7 days a week 365 days a year!

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    All this is part of the information given once the NDA is signed and faxed back.

    Update: please send direct email to lazouche (at) for NDA and to discuss further details.


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    is there a good reason why one could not just buy the server they are on from you, lease it from you or not move it and work something out?

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    Actually, we can provide the virtual servers to the winning bid, that is no problem at all. Our environment is virtualized so we can simply send the virtual hard drive to make things way easier for migration.

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    Is it possible to just buy all the Linux clients?

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    Unfortunately not, we are interested in selling the entire shared clients

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    can you send me an NDA to cubeboy900 at gmail

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    hi,send me offer: donmarcocro28 at hotmail dot com
    ASAP! thanks

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