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    [For Hire] Experienced Admin - 8+ yrs Experience (SOLID References)

    General Info:
    Age: 30
    Marital Status: Married
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Birthdate: 08 July 1979
    Employment Status: Open to opportunities


    A career in a well known hosting company, utilizing my skills and experiences while pursuing interests in programming and Internet security.


    - Extensive experience with administration and security of Linux servers.
    - Enjoys working in a team environment.
    - Fast learning and adaptive abilities.
    - Excellent communication, linguistic, and verbal skills.
    - strong analytic abilities.
    - Strong initiative toward improvement in all aspects of the business.

    Technical Skills:

    Operating Systems :

    * FreeBSD 7.X
    * Slackware Linux 4.0 - 8.1
    * RHEL 5 - Centos (4,5)
    * Fedora (1 , 2 , 3... 11)

    Programming Languages :

    * Perl
    * Php
    * bash/csh
    * C/C++

    Control Panels :

    * Cpanel/WHM
    * DirectAdmin
    * Hsphere Control Panel
    * Plesk, Ensim Control Panel

    Linux Application Services :

    * Apache Web server/ lighttpd
    * FTP services (ProFTPD, Pure-FTPD)
    * Mail Services (exim, postfix, qmail,dovecot)

    * Database Services (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
    * Dns Services (Bind, TinyDNS)
    * Iptables/firewalls

    Other :

    * OpenVZ and Virtuzzo
    * Nagios
    * r1soft backup
    * APF/CSF

    Various Accomplished Tasks:

    * Compiled general software packages from source, such as Kernel, Apache, PHP, etc.
    * Compile kernel + grsecurity.
    * Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
    * Securing PHP/Apache
    * Apache / MySQL tweaking for maximum performance
    * Created bash scripts to automate certain tasks
    * Coding various C++/perl programs for server side tasks like checking hacking attempts, server migrations, complete server restores and lots more.
    * Edited and secured iptables rules for system security
    * Server auditing, Managing Logs, Disks Management.
    * Updated kernels from vanilla source and Redhat RPM.
    * Monitoring system workload and maintained a safe working environment for other applications
    * DDOS Attack prevention hacks/tweaks

    Work Experience: (email provider) 2000 - 2002
    * Senior System Administrator
    Contact: [email protected]

    * Responsible for stability and performance of the servers
    * Coding various perl/c programs as part of the mailing system 2002 - 2006
    * Senior System Administrator
    Contact: [email protected]

    * first admin hired and had done all of the hiring for the rest of support department,
    * designed the infrastructure, configurations, etc. of the servers and the eventual server farm,
    * creating custom scripts to facilitate work over said server farm. Everything from Level 1 support to
    in-depth server administration, planning and designing of how things go. 2006 - 2009
    * System Administrator
    Contact: [email protected]

    * Systems administration and systems design,
    * Design of of all servers setup and optimizing it from max performance, configuration, implementation and maintenance of Linux servers.
    * Wrote a custom monitoring system, SSH Gateway and a proactive firewall.

    Terms of Employment:
    monthly salary, payment negotiable.

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    allow me to add quotes from a couple of previous hosts I worked in:

    Quote Originally Posted by 2Mhost View Post
    Rwxguru worked for us for some time, He has deep experience in system administration and security tasks and building/managing VPS nodes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Espinda LLC View Post
    Ahmed is a hard worker and a deeply experienced system administartor, he worked for LLC and was responsible for the most critical and advanced tasks, I have to say that we were lucky to have such a man to support our backnbone.

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    Can you send us your resume, references, and desired wages/salary/compensation to jobs [at]

    Thank you.
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    E-mail sent.

    Thanks for your interest.

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