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    bargainhost nightmare

    Has anyone had experience of getting refunds from bargainhost? the guy never replies to emails, and never fixes any problems raised through the control panel (what a joke that is).

    I have only joined up a few weeks and have not had anything but trouble.

    what procedure do i follow to get a refund as this 'service' is dreadful.


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    im with bargainhost and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever in almost 9 months of using them. but for 1 per month you cant expect the world... They use cpanel as their control panel, so i would think that any problems the control panel is causing is down to you not knowing how to use the software properly.

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    Im informed its a problem with the hosts installation of the DBI module needed for MYSQL.;f=10;t=10601

    So how the hell do i fix this in my control panel? surely this is a server configuration problem.

    I raised this issue on with him on saturday when it started. its not the first time ive had no reply.

    seems more bothered with updating his site than looking after customers.

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    Well I had a problem when they used to use RAQs,they cancelled my account because they said I was using 90 gigs of bandwith in three days.
    It was obvious though I hadn't and also the control panel said I had used 2 gigs of space when I hadn't.
    They shortly after stopped with RAQs.

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    Hi evvo..another fellow .NET forum regular I see If you paid via credit card, simply tell them that you will issue a charge back with your bank, if they do not refund you the money paid. If they still don't reply, simply talk to your bank about a charge back.


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    Originally posted by evvo
    Im informed its a problem with the hosts installation of the DBI module needed for MYSQL. Surely this is a server configuration problem.
    Two weeks too late but what the hell...

    The DBI::Mysql module that is required to run the software is not a module that comes standard installed.

    You'll have to ask your host if he is willing to install the module on request. Some hosts will do this, some don't.

    That's still no excuse for giving bad customer service and not replying to your emails but I'ld just wanted to set the record straight about this not being a server configuration error.

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    if you paid via credit card, you can get your cash back. Well, a dollar euro is cheap, so what do you expect. I sell hosting thats a buck, I still give the same customer support to all my customers, that's how I do biz. :-) If you are having problems also, you can file a complaint with the BBB.
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