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    Please suggest providers

    Hi All,

    I need a dedicated server. A good AMD dual core or Intel dual core will do.

    RAM: 4 GB minimum
    Data Transfer: 1 TB a month
    Port Speed: 1 Gigabit/sec
    HDD: 120 GB minimum

    OS: FreeBSD

    Control panel: No need.

    Management: No need. They only need to ensure that their network and server are reliable and online:-)

    Countries I am looking at: France, Canada, NL, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway or Asia (if I can get for my budget).

    The sever and the network has to be very reliable and steady.

    Max Budget: USD 120

    The server needs to be as geographically close to India [am from India] as possible.

    Please suggest good providers.

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    I assume in Indai you will be able to find at least few providers. No need to seek for them around the word
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    The cost of bandwidth is quite high in India and other Asian countries, the OP will have to raise the budget if he plans to go for Indian servers. $120 sounds good for US dedicated server. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    I think it's possible to find optimal solution in NL.... With very high traffic tube, not even 1Tb but 4TB ...

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