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    Domain with my vps

    I have the domain . In kloxo as DNS template i entered name server but now i dont know what nameserves to enter in my domain registrants panel. I tried my vps's ip but it gives me error

    Please help me

    (by the way the search is not working)

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    You have to actually create the nameservers at your domain registrar, by adding in glue records for your IP Addresses.

    Who is your domain registrar?

    If you google for private nameservers flash tutorials, you should find a whole bunch of video tutorials for all the main domain registrars by

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    I asked my domain registrar and the sayed that i have to change my domains nameservers to theirs ( and then change the A,CNAME and MX records. Is that correct? I understood that in A i will enter my vps's IP.
    Also is my DNS Template correct? Or i have to enter the ?

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    You can do it that way, but that means your DNS is hosted with your domain registrar.

    It will be better to host the DNS on your VPS, otherwise you wont be able to use any of the DNS functions. You will have to manually update the records at your domain registrar every time.

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    But how i can do that, my registrar sayed that this is the only way. If you can please explain that to me.

    In my domain's menu the only thing i can change is the Nameservers,A,CNAME & MX

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    Then it looks like unfortunatley they do not support private nameservers.

    You may have to pay for it, or move to a better registrar.

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    You should be able to use your registar DNS system once you have chosen to point your namservers towards to it.

    Enter the IP of your VPS in the A record, your DNS settings should look like the following:

    ARecord @ your IP
    CNAME www @
    MX @ your mail server
    MX @ your mail server

    The MX records are used to point your mail addresses which could have a different server than your html, like google if you use google apps mail.
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    Thank you all for your answers. I opened a ticket and now they are saying that i have to order it, but didn't sayed how or if its free or not

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