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    Need Reliable Webhost


    I am after a reliable web host.


    I need -

    cPanel Reseller
    500GB Storage
    1TB Bandwidth
    Unlimited Domains
    10 SQL Databases
    Unlimited Email etc

    UK Registered Company
    UK Based Support
    High Uptime

    plus a trial till Friday will be desirable and would be more likely for me to choose you as i will be ording the hosting package completely Friday.

    Please post your suggestions or recommendations and i would be grateful.

    Regards Rob
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    For a package such as that, especially if you are looking for a high-uptime solution, you would be better going for a VPS or even better a dedicated server to be honest.
    Most hosts who would offer you 500GB of storage a 1TB of transfer, might not have the best uptime - just a thought.

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    what would the price comparison be like? Maybe the kimsufi 20 server with cPanel compared to the hosting package i'm after?

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    Well, the hosting package (in the UK) you'd perhaps be looking at about the same price (on one of those unlimited packages), however, they really aren't unlimited ...

    Kimsufi/OVH has good connectivity within the EU (presuming your client base is focused there)?

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    yes they are but i'm looking more like 20 roughly per month instead of 50 odd as with cPanel licensing etc it would be allot more.

    so yea

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    You may want to check the Reseller Hosting Offers and VPS Hosting Offers forums as well as the Find a Host quote feature.

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    You're not going to find any web host that will actually allow you to use 500GB disk space and 1TB of bandwidth for 20 per month. If you need such resources, you should go VPS or dedicated and expect to pay a premium price.

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    Are you going to actually need or just want 500 GB of Space? Most Hosts who offer that high of a quota on a reeseller account are badly overselling. You need to get a Dedicated Server for that kind of space.
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    Some hosting give u 1000G with only 100 hosted sites

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    I doubt youll get any reliable host ready to offer that without a very long list of terms and agreements. Sorry but you need to increase your budget and perhaps get yourself your own server. Don't buy those gimick "Unlimited storage" hosting offers assuming you actually plan to use 500G....

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    You won't find any serious host offering 500GB space and 1TB Bandwidth reseller plans. You can only get 500GB if you go for a dedicated server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoneyBack View Post
    Some hosting give u 1000G with only 100 hosted sites
    xyzradio, and if the package is $20/month, be prepared you will be shut down if you really use 20% of the disk space allocated.
    Just estimate the cost of running a server which has 500GB HDD and is usually overloaded when pushing more than 1TB traffic / month. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Agreed. Be prepared for disconnection without backups and interesting fees.

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    Thanks for the comments, I've got webhost sorted got the bandwidth and moved to 100gb bandwidth got it perfect with everything i need. Thanks anyway (Y)

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    Glad to hear you found your host. Let us know how it goes!


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    i think you will need a server because 500 gb cpanel reseller is imposible unless the host oversells like crazy

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