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    VPS node with SAN

    Usually, I build raid10 for VPS nodes. Now, I will use SAN, so all VPS will be created in SAN. With the host server, I assume that I don't need fast disk array, because all the disk requests have been processed in SAN already?

    Please advice.

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    You could probably boot the host node OS from a SATADOM or similar - would save a little power too.
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    I am using Citrix Xenserver, so it would need 16GB at least. SATADOM at that size is expensive. Doesn't worth for power saving

    Thanks for suggestion anyway.

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    I use 2 cheap sata drives @ raid 1 on my host nodes, and my VMs live on a SAN. Works well and will prevent downtime associated with a local disk failure.
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    We were running ESX Vmware in a similar config - We've noticed that putting ESX on high speed drives (locally on the server, 15K RAID1) helped a lot. I think ESX creates temporary files "locally" - and that makes difference.
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