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    Developer/Programmer wanted to help install and configure content management system

    I've been looking at a number of content management systems such as postnuke and EZpublish. This would be for a new web site where there is a mixture of news, interviews, features etc. A sort of meets style. It needs to be robust and be very user friendly for creating news pages, feature pages, interviews and also listings.

    I'm looking to pay a developer/programmer who can help install and "hold my hand" a content management system for this.

    The templates for the design of the site will be created seperately.

    I need a system that is easy to update. I don't want to get bogged down in the techincal aspects of using the CMS, but rather want a decent system that allows content to be posted and maintained.

    I have a dedicated server at Rackshack, so mySQL, php etc is all OK to use.

    Please advise via the forum what you can offer and how much you would charge to help create a CMS either based on an existing system eg: postnuke or your own.

    Also, anyone who responds, please post details of reference Web sites where you have done a CMS site and please only people who have had experience of doing this get in touch. As I am paying money I only need people with experience for this work.



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    Hi !

    My name is Diego and Im able to set up this site for you. This is a sample of my work,
    this is a new joke site im working with. The CMS in use is myPHPnuke (on the same line of phpnuke). I also have experience installing other scripts. I really do install scripts with ease. Also i can offer you a rather cheap deal, since my major income source is from custom programming, (i make custom ie toolbars and that kind of stuff). Future support of the system is free. Price will depend on how many features you will like to add but maybe will be around $400.

    Contact me if interested.



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    During the last 3 years, I have created a Content Management System and deployed for several companies like an intranet for a broadcasting company with 15 editors, several real estate agents
    who are now able to easily update all content in their website or intranet.
    Please contact me if I can help you with your project.
    Best regards

    K. Drost
    [email protected]

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