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    Cheap VPN accounts

    Hi, is offering very cheap US VPN accounts for only 4$/month!

    When using our US VPN service you can hide your IP address, unblock skype, access US only websites (like and encrypt your connection when on wifi.

    We host our server at a premium US based datacenter. We will never limit your broadband speed and never oversell. No traffic shaping is used.

    We provide the following plans:
    1) Trial US VPN account for 48 hours - 2$.
    2) Unmetered US VPN account - 4$/month (this is a special time-limited offer).


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    I live in Australia and use them to secure my connection when I travel.
    Only use them for a month but they seem to be great.


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    Are they using openVPN?

    (What software is being used with regard to encryption and security?)
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    Hi mrzippy,

    We are currently using a version of PPTPd that was optimized for performance.
    128 bit encryption is used to secure our clients connections.


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    Hi Jonathan

    Do you offer UK based IP service also to allow connection to services such as BBC iplayer, TVcatchup?


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    pptp is so last year

    Sorry but "We are currently using a version of PPTPd that was optimized for performance." What do you mean by performance. There is no such thing with PPTP. PPTP is just not that configurable. That is super that you can throw out a bunch of buzz words.

    I would not trust PPTP when it passes the user name in the clear. I would include a link for more documentation but I have not posted enough yet. I would only trust OpenVN or IPSec or VPN types that are just as strong.
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