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    How to advance the PR

    It's very hard to advance the pr of one website, are any other seo workers have any advice? I only know commenting on others blogs, emailing other bloggers when you write something that you think will interest them, making helpful suggestions to other bloggers, connecting with people via social networking sites like Facebook and link exchange.

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    Website PR depends on backlinks and their quality. So, try the best to have more high quality one way links for a website. This will help you increase Google PR.

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    Absolutely, try to get the backlink from the relevant websites this will definitely help to get more PR.
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    In addition, if you have backlinks from topic related sites you will manage to receive targeted users as well.

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    1. links resource, i mean human relations with other website administrator, if you are a friend of Obama and get a link from whitehouse, your pr would be crazying
    2. links bail, try all your skill to attract more high quality
    3. don't hide linking to others,especially main,hot,popular website in your field, like WHT in web hosting. most of people think outbound links would reduce your own pr, it's true, however, a simple question, how would gg think if a website has only links in instead links out?
    4. post some coments,topic on high pr blog on other websites in your industry.

    of course, the most important is that promote your own website and let others link to you naturely. it's the best way.

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    Get around 100 back links pretty strong backs links and you will get around 2pr

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    submit your web at social bookmarkin like,, etc and you can exchange your link with another web

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    have you try to create dummies? i haved 15 and that help too

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    As all said the key factor for PR is Back links. Try to get good quantity of back links from high quality sites. Also update the content frquently

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    1. Get backlinks (not buy it) from quality sources in your niche
    2. Give links to other your niche websites
    3. Need to have friendly urls on your website
    4. There is needed to attract more visitors, by telling them about your website to your friends

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    if you want to increase your pagerank get some links from high pr authoritive pages.

    But to be honest i would`nt waste your time. Pagerank is a pointless tool now and is slowly being fazed out.

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    Backlinks are the major thread to improve the google pagerank. Have you heard about the term linkbaiting. Provide quality content in your website.

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    To build backlinks, you need forum postings, article and directory submissions, social media, and social bookmarking sites.

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    Cleaver internal linking can also help with pr. Make sure that your backlinks are not only on the same pages but spreadout nicely also helps out quite a bit.

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    Start doing link exchanges with websites in your niche.
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    Try to have your quality links on other websites, forums, blogs and directories as much as possible. The more you have that the faster and the better your PR will be.

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    1. Extensive Keyword Research

    SEO starts with a solid keyword research and sorting. Most of the SEO professionals are impatient and always in a hurry to implement their ideas.
    Well, that keeps them revising their SEO Services efforts and eventual loss of time and traffic. Keyword research for effective SEO results needs a lot of patience and intelligent calculations. Above all you should be using the best possible tools to perform keyword research for a strong search engine optimization.

    For example Google Keyword Tool, Google Insight and Google Suggestions. You will get the exact number of monthly searches on Google Keyword Tool. Here is what you should do then;

    a) Download them in an excel sheet.
    b) Find out your kind of keywords (that match your website content and products).
    c) Sort them by daily searches.

    2. Original and Optimized Content

    SEO based content writing is the best element on a live web page. Both, search engine crawlers and human beings love to read original and effective content filled with useful information. However; there has to be an efficient use of SEO content writing techniques as well. A smart and optimized content contains the right balance of the keywords used throughout the content. Usually it should be 5% to 6%.

    a) Use two to three keywords in the whole content.
    b) Start the content with the most important keyword and end it with the same keyword.

    3. Web Page Optimization

    Search Engine Crawler reads only the HTML of the web-page and so it must be properly optimizes to guide the crawlers to the right areas and content of the website. Put the keywords in Title, Description and Add more keywords in the keywords area. Do not forget to put H1 to H6 using the keywords. Alt Tags must be placed on the images wherever possible.

    4. Article Syndication

    Write articles and Press releases about your website, it`s products and services. Submit the articles into as many article submission and press releases into major press releases websites. Do not forget to leave anchor texts so that readers can come to your website as well.
    This practice is easy and very effective. It helps the website gets crawled by the search engines within two days which reinforces the natural ranking of the website.If you leave anchor texts for the internal pages as well then you can expect to get your website`s internal pages caches (known to search engines). This boosts the website`s presence even more.

    5. Social Bookmarking

    It is very important to be a highly actively involved into social bookmarking activities. Join all the major Social Bookmarking websites like dig, delicious etc. Bookmark your own articles and press releases over there, make friends and share your bookmarks.
    Social bookmarking websites are very well optimized and are cached by search engines everyday. If your website`s content, link etc is bookmarked over there then you can expect your website to get cached by Google within twenty four hours as well.

    Try the above mentioned SEO ideas in your daily SEO work and experience the change in the results yourself.

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    The more quality backlinks you have the more that your pr will increase. And by having a good content, people would like to link to site and that helps a lot as well with your reputation.

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    building backlinks is certainly the best technique to advance your Google PR but for relevant keywords..

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    1. Submit to search engine directories
    2. Offer useful information to your audience
    3. Optimize Your Title Tag, Meta Tag with related keywords
    4. Exchange with websites of high PR
    5. Exchange with websites of high-quality content
    6. Get links from more related websites
    Hope they can work for u.

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    I have same problem i also want to increase my website PR i also did lot seo work but no effect.

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    I would like to say it is easier to get a high PR via building quality backlinks from authority sites at the beginning of a new site. Anyhow, dofollow backlinks would help your PR more.
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    Linking from high quality PR sites with "do follow" is the sure way to build up your site PR.
    For the keywords you like to rank, note down the top 10 sites. Then go to yahoo and do a backlink analysis for all the top 10 sites and try to spot the common sites they link from. Then try to get a link form the common sites. It's tedious but there are software that does this type of analysis.

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    Why worry about PR. True, it is an indicator of your progress, but the important thing is where you stand in the results for your keywords in relation to your direct competitors. If you are a PR2 site and your competitors are PR 1, you are doing well. I am more concerned about prospects finding me when they search than with PageRank. Of course, for alot of us, it's about ego, too...

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    The thing is that it is not about number of links. You can easily get a bunch of those. But quality, high PR, high traffic links are the one that will make the difference.

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    Google seems quite flexible these days. It generally gives out PR 2 to Wordpress blogs with original content and a few backlinks.

    To get your PR increased it's all about backlinks. And not the quantity. For example, one or two links from PR6 sites could well bring you up a notch or two. One or two PR8 links might get you up another notch.

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    Exchange links, this is the best way, if you whant you can exchange your link free in myamazinghosting dot com

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    Facebook and Twitter are no follow websites thus this could not help you to gain PR. If you want to gain PR. Post your link on high PR do follow websites.
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  29. I think quality and effective backlinks are the only way to get your PR increase. As much your website get popular by promoting on other links it is effective.

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    You need high quality backlinks

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