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Thread: c++ question

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    c++ question

    I have a list of items that I want a user to be able to select from but when one item is selected I want that item to be removed off the list and I want the list to be re-listed again without the chosen item. How can I do this? Any help would be appreciated.

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    What are you specifically looking for help with? Are you trying to identify a data structure that could easily allow you to remove an element?

    Without understanding your implementation, it's hard to give a relevant answer.

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    Yeah, I am trying to figure out how I would remove elements within a data structure.

    For example when a user has selected the third option in a menu, how could I remove this option and print the menu again without that third option?


    1. cats
    2. dogs
    3. gerbils // user selects gerbils
    4. hamster

    2.dogs // gerbils is no longer on the list but hampster gets
    3.hamster // moved up one spot

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    Looks like a job for a doubly-linked list to me. If you've never made one before, you should google "c++ linked list tutorial" or buy a book. If you want a really solid foundation in elemental data structures, you should look at stacks and queues first.

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    if your array items are not populated dynamically, you can stick with a 2D character array. You need to use strncpy() to move items up, overwriting the selected item. That is, if a user selects (i)th item, copy (i+1)th item to i till the (n)th element of the array.
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