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    Can .ae (united arab emirates) donainames be used whit any hosting company?

    My client current webhost is supper expensive in arab. So i was thinking to take hes .ae website and transfer it to some other cheaper server (website and emails).
    But now i start to think - is it even possible? Does anyone have experience whit .ae domains ?

    Can i just take random webhosting company and tell client current registrar that i want to start to use other server for webhosting because on their current server they even do not have database capabilities (and they ask over 230 euro for that per moth, they want them to upgrade to 350+ euro per moth plan so he can get database also in SHARED server). I know it sounds like a joke but their support confirmed it. I was thinking that they might be able to ask this kind of prices only if client has no options to move to other host.. might it be?

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    Unless the .ae cctld has very unusual requirements for running dns, it shoudl be possible.

    A cheap way to know for sure is to find a few .ae sites and tracert back to their ip to find out who is hosting them.

    You can also ask your client to buy another .ae domain and use it for testing this out.

    The only other reason might be if AE has web filtering in place and the site is not visible if it is hoste outside AE.
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
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    And there is a much cheaper solution which is google

    How do I get my own domain name and start using it?
    To get your own domain name up and running, you will need to:

    1. Register your domain name through an .aeDA accredited Registrar or their Reseller.
    2. Arrange for your domain name to be "hosted". A hosting service provides a location (a server somewhere, connected to the internet) for your web site. Your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP), other ISPs, or a "webhosting" service can host your domain name. Some Registrars and resellers also include hosting as part of their domain name service.
      Shop around for the service that best suits you. Your own domain name is 'portable', which means that your web site can reside on a server in the UAE, or you can move it overseas. The domain name system (DNS) files must be kept up-to-date with the current address, otherwise, when your customer types your web address into their browser, it won't be able to find your web site.
    So, Yes, You can host it anywhere.


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    thank you

    thank you for replies

    Well they was using and register it for company so i was yeah wondering that is it possible that some seller can "hold" it, just wanted to know for sore before i offer this option to my client.. but yeah... this prices are just insane they ask

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    It would be a better idea to transfer out the domain name to another registrar, and then just manage the DNS through the domain name registrar and use ANY host you want in the world.

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    One thing you may come across are hosts who claim that they "can't" host .ae domains. I've occasionally come across this with hosting companies here in the UK that claim that the only domains they "can" host are a handful of the more common extensions like .uk and .com

    Of course it's not a case of "can't". It's a case of "we haven't got it in our pull-down menu and can't be bothered to add it".

    If a host tells you they "can't" host a specific extension just tell them they don't know what they're talking about and then find one who "can".

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