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    Smile I wanna thank u all for ur help earlier on a few weeks ago!

    It really paid I finally found the place to upload my MP3s.Now I can upload them all! All the files I've uploaded so far are less than 1 MB each, which is REALLY good...and now that I have a place to store all my music, my board's just about complete.Wanna check out how it is with the music? Go to one of these two urls to see it:



    Thanks again for your help once again!

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    *shakes his head*

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    wow, nothing like a million popups, ads, and gator trying to install itself on my machine. You're sure to be very sucessful!

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    You're going to be banned

    la la la la la la

    You're going to be banned

    na na na na na

    Enjoy yourself, until Chicken catches up with ya!

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