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    just a short little question, this is a VPS, didn't know if its ok to post here or the VPS forum.
    what is better(VPS is for hosting) if each server tech and admin have there own root access account OR giving them the root account, with each with own account, you can see what each did, but they have no permissions on SSH (no /home/ and /backup/) downside on that is that if one is hacked the root account is hacked cause they can change the password and use the root access account to mess with the server. the upside with the root access is that we have full control and can help our clients, but you can't know who did what. so what would be better using diffrent accounts with root permissions with limited access to the server files, or root account itself?


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    Hi Alex

    If hacking is your main concern, there are lots of ways to avoid it. As far as I have seen, the vps and dedicated servers usually have very weak root password which are easy to hack. Usually the level 1 admins are not given the root password; you can change the root password when you need support and change it back after the work is done- but this can put you in trouble under several situations.
    Giving sudo privileges should be a better thought.

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    Make them each own account, so you can see what there doing.

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    as first using sudo, yea we could do that. another thing is how would we give /home/ and /backup/ to root accounts, theres the /ect/group file but thats giving adm and more powers which might be too much right? right now im the only tech admin, due to others let say going against us and changing options, thats why we went with the different accounts, but its a pain being i have to use WHM to check everyones files instead of SSH kinda off topic but asking how would we just give an account access to /home/ and /backup/ without giving root?

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    You can change the permissions of /home/ and /backup/ account but should edit the cpanel scripts to prevent it getting reverted. The Cpanel's backup script checks the permission of /backup folder, to find where they are changing the /home permissions I will need to do some research.

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    yea i wish cpanel had a better permissions system would make life so much easier

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