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    Is Host on Demand Any Good?

    Hi Folks I am looking for a new Web Hosting company to host my Clans Website and came across a company called Host on Demand "" I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them what so ever? If so can you give me a brief insight into what package you felt was best and how it has benefited you.

    Cheers in Advance


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    Their domain was registered not very long ago:
    Registered on: 07-Feb-2009

    Also if you click their "About Us" option on their menu it goes to the front/main page and displays no information about them.

    Couple this with never having heard of them - I think you would be going out on a limb by trying them.
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    Hi Welshy,

    What kind of package are you planning to take- Reseller,VPS or Dedicated?

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    Just out of curiosity, how did you find out about "Host on Demand"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyPenguin View Post
    Just out of curiosity, how did you find out about "Host on Demand"?
    Hi there

    I Found out from a Colleague of mine who has just signed up to HoD for his New Design Company that he is Forming. He said they were pretty much on the ball but given he only got the domain 2 days ago he hasnt really got the experience I was looking for to give me a good Idea of what the company is like as a whole.

    also in response to Njoker

    I live in the North of Wales I am new to this whole thing and given that the Company was Based in London I thought that they would be a trustworthy company. All I wanted was a bit of insight into the company. Hope that covers most things and in response to one post about whether I wanted VPS, Dedi and so on. I am still unsure what I really want. I just want a web hosting company that will host a Clan website for my Clan SN][PE.

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    I hope you find what you are desiring in a web host.

    You might check out what other clan sites are using for hosting and ask them how satisfied they are with their service.

    Being as new as happens to be, reviews are probably rather scarce.

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    Cheers will do that.


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    They resell RapidSwitch stuff. I would recommend going directly to RapidSwitch you'll get more in depth information from them about your server and things like that.

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    We are on RS's network but do NOT resell their products!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jardin View Post
    We are on RS's network but do NOT resell their products!
    Interesting how all your servers except the Enterprise are the same as RS's

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    Well, don't close your doors yet with other hosts. You could try checking the offer forum here.

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