Special RapidDeploy Promo - 100 Mbit Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Pentium E5200 (dual core)
300 GB HDD
500 GB Second HDD
100 Mbit Port
Unmetered transfer

FREE OS (included windows)
FREE Control Panel

FREE Setup - 169 USD Monthly [ ORDER NOW ]


Core2duo 8400
500 GB HDD
500 GB Second HDD
100 Mbit Port
Unmetered transfer

FREE OS (included windows)
FREE Control Panel

FREE Setup - 189 USD Monthly [ ORDER NOW ]

Standart Features:
FREE OS and control panel (do not pay extra money for them)
FREE OS reinstalls (need a new OS or your system down, do not pay extra money for it)
FREE WHM addon licenses (do not pay extra money for WHM addons)
FREE hardware replacement between your servers (you have more then one server well you can buy RAMs or HDDs and move them between your servers totally free)
FREE IP addresses (maximum 60 ips per server)
FREE management (included OS updates, security and control panel updates)
★ IRC segment and adult contents allowed
★ No extra charges
★ No hidden fees
★ Month to month contract (you can cancel your server any time BEFORE your next recurring invoice created)
★ And more...


Following Operating Systems Are Available At No Extra Charge:
Fedora Core 6, CentOS 5.x, Gentoo LiveCD.
Other distros are allowed as long as you have an iso image for us to download. Control panels are not support on alternate distros and must be installed by client. Also outdated OS's will not be installed as we have to have a certain level of network security.
FreeBSD 7.x
Windows 2003 Web, Standard and Enterprise Editions are FREE.
Windows 2008 Web Edition FREE.
Windows 2008 Standard - $20/month
Windows 2008 Datacenter - $50/month
Windows 2008 Enterprise - $60/month


Following Control Panels Are Installed For Free: (upon request)
Plesk (linux or windows) - unlimited domains

Cpanel - unlimited domains
- RVSkin / WHM Addon
- Fantastico / WHM Addon
- WHMSonic Radio / WHM Addon (more details: http://www.whmsonic.com)
- WHMSonic IRC / WHM Addon (more details: http://www.whmsonic.com)
- Cpanel XP / WHM Addon (more details: http://cpanelskindepot.com/cpanel_skin.php)
- WHM Reseller / WHM Addon (more details: http://deasoft.com/software.php)

Direct Admin - unlimited domains
HELM 3 - unlimited domains
Webmin - linux free installation


IPv4 addresses - are free /29 (ARIN rules)
IPv6 Addresses - are free /48 per customer with /64 routed for each server

Our IPv6 are running on IPv6 native network through VERIO (no tunel, no ports blocked, IRC allowed)

Support: All servers are semi-managed. We have 24x7 staff available via web based helpdesk. We offer free reboots, free OS reinstalls and free help if you loose remote connectivity to your server. Also we can do security updates on your selected OS and control panel, installation of firewalls are also free.

Datacenter: FDCServers LLC.
Setup Time: Within 8 hours according to lenght of queue. Servers are ready and online right now, we will only reinstall it as your requested operating system.

Speed Test:
AT&T - 100MBtest.zip
BGP - 100MBtest.zip
Internap - 100MBtest.zip
Tiscali - 100MBtest.zip
Verio - 100MBtest.zip
XO Communications - 100MBtest.zip

Order: You can pay your invoices via Paypal.

History: SiSHCO Servers is continue to connect their customers on internet and also dedicated servers until May 2004. Lots of people happy with us, why don't you try SiSHCO now?

Please feel free to contact us for your questions. You can use our helpdesk or use private message. All messages will be answered with in hour.