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Thread: Hi Everybody!

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    * Hi Everybody!

    Hi All!

    My name is Jim, I am from Naples, FL and I am the Vice President of Foxcore Hosting located in Morrison, CO.

    Partnered with my cousin Topher who works for Red Rocks Data Center, we started as Quack Web Internet Solutions many years ago and since then, have undergone a rebranding to became part of the Foxcore Corporation and changed our name to Foxcore Hosting. We are our own data center and are located within the RRDC complex in our own building. We partner with RRDC to offer certain deals once in a while but are a separate entity.

    I currently to to FGCU and am getting a degree in computer science. When I am not working or in school, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee. Recently broke my collar bone but it is healing nicely and I should be playing again shortly.

    I hope to learn from and contribute to the community as this is what I hope to be doing once I get out of college. I look forward to discussing all the different issues in the web hosting community with you, thanks!

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    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk. Enjoy your stay!

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    Hi every1

    wellcome sir

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    Hey Jim,

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    Welcome to the community!

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