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    Question 403 Forbidden Error on Request of image - why?

    (I hope this is the right place in the forums to post this topic.)

    On my website, I have a function that automatically sends out an email to a customer that has made a special request. In other words, once the request is filled, an email is sent.

    The content of the email is basic html, an example of the content of the email is below -
    Information here
    <img src="">
    more information
    <img src="">

    The first image specified in the email, is located on the server. The second image, is retrieved from a servlet. The image itself is stored in a mysql database table.

    I've been testing out this process, by having the email sent to my own email. When I sign into my web-based email using Mozilla Firefox, the images display. But when I sign in using Internet Explorer, the images show the red 'x'. The same thing occurs when I download the email into Outlook Express, the images show the 'x'.

    If I request the example image ( in Firefox, the image shows, if I hit refresh I get the 403 Forbidden error. In IE, when I request the image, it gives the 403 error right away, every time.

    I setup a simple test page (my site pages, by the way, are Java Server Pages), and I put 3 img statements within it. When I request the page, the images show. When I refresh the page, they still show. This works in both browsers.

    I checked the Properties of the image in the email. Most notable was the following between the browsers.
    In IE - Type = Not Available; Size = Not Available;
    But in Firefox - Type = JPEG Image

    I'm really stumped on this and I would hate to have to resort to removing the images from the email.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Problem solved :)

    The Prevent hot-linking option on my server was checked. I changed it, and that has solved the problem!

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