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Thread: Buying Traffic

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    Buying Traffic

    Anyone heard of these?

    There are thousands of sites like that - all selling 1,000 - 100,000 visitors to your site for like $2-20 CPM... $30 for 10,000 hits -- ????

    Who are they reselling for, I know there arent 5,000 ad networks that can support this out there... specially not when most of the sites have the same content on them.
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    Easy, its frame surfing.

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    They get gullible website operators who believe that by adding a few lines of code that generate pop-up or pop-under ads that they will be the recipient of "thousands" of visitors.

    It's usually done on a 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 ratio (for every two ads served you get one exposure).

    The exposures are generally garbage. They are served on large networks of untargeted web sites. So if someone is surfing at a small beanie baby site, they may see a pop-under for an auto parts site. Not very targeted. But you have no control.

    Free is usually worth exactly what you paid for it (this forum, of course, being an exception)


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    incentive clicks.. the saying "you get what you pay for" especially applies in advertising..

    If anything, I would look for some small time webmaster resource sites and work popunder deals out with them.


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    There are thousands of sites like that - all selling 1,000 - 100,000 visitors to your site for like $2-20 CPM... $30 for 10,000 hits -- ????
    If they are popups/unders, this could be reasonable. I resell popups on a good network - 10,000 raws for $4 CPM popunders, but for 1 million, the rate goes down to $1.40 CPM. Cheap rates are reasonable these days, just make sure if they are popups, they are on a good network.

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    Find another way to generate revenue and traffic. Popups and pop unders are too annoying. Just say no to popups. If you tick off your customers with annoying popups, you might lose business.

    We get more business through sponsored links than we ever did with popups. They aren't intrusive, in your face, annoying. And if you try sponsored links through google, you cannot use popup ads.

    Establishing reciprocal links with appropriate businesses/forums also helps us.
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    Once again a shameless plug for "Gordo's Community Page".

    PM me if you want your link listed. Current rates are only $20/month.
    You'll get fewer complaints from over performing than from over promising.

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    Gordo : yes its shameless - wrong forum!
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    Seems like the concensus is the same as what I had in mind - these are not really for real and even if they are not really worth it. What about just for branding of some product/service that is very widely known to households - lets say ... well look at - they had these kind of popups everywhere. For that little wireless camera so you can spy on your sister or watch the girl in the office next to you...

    Is something like this decent for providing branding of a household product or a free giveaway type deal?

    I'm off-topic though. I think my main questions still rests as this:
    There are thousands of these sites out there - all for similar prices, and none of them look professional to actually have those kind of click resources themselves. Who are they reselling for if these are even real?
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