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    How many domains Hosted worldwide


    I'm doing a bit of research JFMI and I was wondeering if anyone had an idea as to what is the total number of domains that are hosted in the world. If the total number of domains registered is now 183 million +, what percentage of those domains are actually hosted?.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Its a hard question to answer, You want to know how many domains actrally is a site right? About 100 millon + id say... Its just my educated gess.

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    I have no idea how accurate the information is, but you might find this interesting:
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    Yeah, it's an informative graph atleast now we have a rough figure. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    it very very hard nowdays to tell the excact value of domains
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    I am not sure about the accuracy of that graph but it might be a rough figure. It is hard to find the real figures IMO too. May be some one can give more informations regarding this.

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    I think it is now more than 200 million websites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael jason View Post
    I think it is now more than 200 million websites.
    Registered domains or actually hosted domains ?

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    I assume he meant over 200 million registered domains and not hosted websites. The figures mentioned in the graph are almost 6 months old though as it has been calculated only until April 2009.
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