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    MDDHosting (A brief review with a half year of hindsight)

    If I post this in the wrong forum section, forum admins should feel free to move the thread to an appropriate section.

    It's been more than half a year, now, since the previous disaster with Rageki Hosting, and since the transition to MDDHosting, there have been no negative hosting experiences with MDDHosting to report. There hasn't even been any need to initiate support tickets, once the initial transition phase was past, where Rageki Hosting left us in the lurch, and Mike over at MDDHosting communicated with us at that time, back in March of this year, in order to get things plucked from the nether void caused by Rageki Hosting's abrupt shutdown.

    So, if the last six to seven months are any indication, the decision to go with MDDHosting for the local landscape guy's website, which I set up for him, seems to have been a good decision on our part.

    There has only been a single instance, during these past six to seven months, where the landscape guy complained about his site not loading. When he reported that to me, I promptly tried to bring his website up in my web browser, and it loaded just fine. When I told this to the landscape guy, and told him to try and load his site, again, it loaded on his end, also. Personally, I think that it was a glitch on the landscape guy's end, a problem with his computer or Internet provider, and not a problem with the webhost, MDDHosting. I don't consider it to be downtime, because there was no actual, solid indicator on my end that the website was actually down, where that particular episode was concerned.

    Every time that I, personally, have tried to bring up the website, since things were up and running on MDDHosting, the site has loaded. It's not a busy website, at all, but it is a business related website, so downtime issues for this particular website are particularly important to both the landscape guy and to myself.

    In sum, I give two thumbs up to MDDHosting on the reliability of its web hosting.

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    Great review, always a pleasure reading happy customer reviews.

    Keep up the good work MDDhosting.


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    Thank you for the review Charles.
    Michael Denney - MDDHosting LLC
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    Thanks for your comments on MDDhosting mate. Glad to hear that you are a satisfied customer. Keep us updated in future.

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    I do remember reading your thread after the Rageki incident and I'm glad to see that MDD is treating you well.

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