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    Please assess this server

    We have this server and are intending to put 10 to 15 windows Parallels VPS on it.
    We are initially thinking VPS with 384Mb to 768Mb RAM.
    How do you think this specs will perform?

    Windows 2003 64 bit
    1x Q6600 Processor
    8GB ECC Server RAM
    Tyan S5211-1U Motherboard
    4x500GB SATA II Drives in RAID10 using MB's Onboard RAID

    Will it be better to have less than 10 VPS and offer more RAM for each VPS instead?


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    Onboard RAID means you're dipping into your own resources as opposed to using the controller's processor, not to mention speed benefits won't be great with onboard raid.
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    MY two cents; windows VPS with Parallels; for performance you should not have less then 512 MB on a VPS (WE have had many Issues.)

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    Thanks for the input.
    We will take both into consideration.

    Anyone else wants to pitch in their technical opinion?

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    I agree with both previous comments. VPS servers with less than 512 or 768M of memory don't tend to perform too well. If you're able to put a hardware RAID card into the server it would free up additional resources you could use to host additional VPS servers.

    Your VPS specifications will depend on your server cost, DC cost, target market, etc. If you're able to give users more RAM and charge more for the VPS'es it's a win-win.
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    Thanks as well.

    I guess what I really want to know is if this specs is terrible, OK or kinda "will sustain it" for a server to host Windows VPS.

    We wanted to use the available RAID feature of the MB since it works well with Windows anyway.
    We don't have any plans of over-subscribing this hardware node because we don't want headaches down the line as well.
    On the same token, we are being cautious about diving into this VPS market and getting toast by our customers if we fail to meet their expectations.
    We intend to upgrade it to a much better specs once we get enough subscribers.
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    15 is a bit too much if you want dedicated hardware to every VPS.

    Go with 8 to 10.

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    If you are hosting VPS's, I would recommend, as someone else has, getting a dedicated RAID card. You will notice a vast improvement in performance over the motherboard RAID option. It will increase the cost but the performance increase will be well worth it.

    IMO, you should go with Linux instead of Windows for hosting VPSs. There is less overhead and it will bring down the price of the server per month. Any reason you are going with Windows instead of Linux? We have noticed that machines hosting VPSs perform much better under Linux as opposed to Windows. Just my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zynfella View Post
    RAID10 using MB's Onboard RAID
    Not a very good idea to use Onboard RAID. Sometimes data gets corrupted if you dont use the same RAID device.

    As your MB has a raid card, I hope you have backup MB in stock. - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
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    We want Windows because almost everybody else is offering Linux mainly because of the reason you just said.

    And, mehboobashraf, yes we do have a spare similar MB.

    So...nobody actually said the specs is that terrible at all and the MB RAID is a possible bottleneck.

    We will bite the bullet for now and proceed then. We will limit the number of VPS to <=10.

    Thanks everyone.

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