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    I got control of some colocation resource in Taipei, Hong Kong and several cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai and probably Guangzhou & Shenzhen), and is now considering starting a business by deploying blade servers into my racks with Internet bandwidth as well as private bandwidth interconnected between the above IDC.

    My target will be corporation, web developer / SI who want their / their clients' web site or IP application online with target users in those regions.

    I prefer to deploy VM or VPS instead of dedicated servers as space/electricity in China is very expensive and higher density should be the way to go.

    So I'd like to know more what the difference is between VM and VPS in terms of customer perception and actual features.

    In areas of VM and VPS, which vendor do you recommend and why?

    If you have more ideas or if you think my business will also be useful to you, please share your comments. Thanks all in advance!

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    sorry for offtopic
    but i am try to find partner in china for servers solutions ..

    please PM me ur MSN or ICQ or QQ or Mail or any other way for contact ...

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    Dear Roya1,

    Since we are both new member I cannot use the PM function. Please accept my friend request for such purpose. Thanks!

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