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    * Save 50% or more on your business phone service


    Small companies are always looking for ways to increase their competitiveness by cutting costs while continuing to improve services to their customers and making their staff more efficient. Today, in the telecommunications arena, new technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is making all of this possible for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs).

    Logic Voice, Inc.'s Logic PBX service is taking VoIP to a new level for SMBs, offering a complete, full-service business telecommunication platform for a fraction of the cost of traditional small business phone systems.

    Logic PBX uses your broadband Internet connection to deliver a professional PBX phone service (regardless of your employees' location) that extension dialing, auto-attendant, conference bridge, business-class voicemail with email delivery, five number follow me, find me, three-way calling/caller ID/call waiting and more for only $25.00 per month per extension.

    Logic PBX service plans also offer some of the lowest international rates in the industry for business customers.

    This 21st Century solution enables small companies to employ the same business processes enjoyed by large enterprises without incurring the initial high cost and recurring expense of premise-based phone systems.

    Call 1-800-797-8647 today for a FREE Voice over IP cost saving analysis or click here to request a quote and take advantage of the special WHT promotional offer of a minimum 20% off start up costs.

    Volume based discounts available.

    For additional information on Logic PBX, go to

    Get up to 5 FREE handsets
    Up to 5 FREE phones value $1300 and 10% discount on total NRC for new and qualifying customers.
    Full customization of phone service at no charge.
    Promo code: WHTFREEPHONES Offer Expires: November 30, 2009

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