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    Running a server

    How complicated is it to run a server?

    Lets use rackshack as an example. I buy a server from them, how does their control panel operate (as far as setting up sites)? I know all it comes with is red hat, but where do I go from there.

    I will eventually open a web hosting business one day, I want to start off hosting a less popular site of mine.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I have a vast amount of computer/design skills, i'm trying to expand that into server/server administration. If any host would like to hire me, i'd be glad to help and get some experience. It's not about money.

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    You probably want to start with reading about Linux, networking, a little programming and security.

    are just a few links. Make sure to use and

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    Well, the Rackshack servers comes in 4 flavors, plain Red Hat, Ensim, Plesk or the Cobalt RaQ unit.

    Of course, if you are new to Linux, you might want to stay away from the Plain Red Hat since you will have to administer everything through command line. It is great if you know what you are doing.

    Control Panels such as Plesk and Ensim makes it a little easier to administer since most of the commonly used features can be found through the web-based GUI interface.

    Cobalt RaQ is a system all-in-one, both the System and Interface are tightly integrated from the start. I have a RaQ and it is simple to use. It allows someone with almost no knowledge of linux server admin to start with it. Of course, it is not something you learn overnight but it took me a week to get the feel of what is going on.

    Of course, running a server is not merely setting it up and let it loose. There are daily checks which you need to perform to ensure that the server is up to specs. Also be prepared to work through any downtimes for whatever reasons, sometimes it could be resolved through a simple reboot and other times, it might take some programming to debug the problem.

    I guess if you want to try, you could always get a server from them, probably with either Plesk or Ensim and play around for at least a month to get to know the feel of the system before offering web hosting. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Do not let the control panel fool you into thinking it will do everything for you. You still have to be able to administer the server as if you didnt have a CP.

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    Its not as simple as it looks. Going into it with no knowlage is a huge mistake, unless its managed. Would you open up a garage with only manuals on how to fix cars?
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    Just from being hosted by other sites, i've learned that it takes some knowledge to run a server.

    I'm basically trying to find a starting place. When I start, I'll just be hosting a new site i create until I gain enough knowledge/experience to host other sites. Then i'll add my main sites, then other people.

    Does anyone run a server in their house or business? what are your ideas on that.

    Thanks for the links and information, I'm looking into it.


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