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    Dedicated now questions..Co-location..

    1. What speed connection are you giving (ie: 10 or 100mbps)?
    2. Is the setup fee waived for grandopening?
    3. Is there a bandwidth monitor?
    4. How much are extra IP addresses?
    5. What is the max number of IP addresses if not purchasing a subnet?
    6. How much is on-site tech support?
    7. Do you charge for ocassional reboots?
    8. Is there a support telephone number? Toll free?
    9. How much is bandwidth if you go over your limit?


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    Try to contact them using this form:
    Unfortunately, life does not come with documentation.

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    I asked Matthew McCormic some of these questions so to save his time I'll give his answers. I think it will be beneficial to everyone if other answers are posted publicly

    1) "You would be on a 100MBPS switch."

    7) "We offer free reboots w/out limits."

    He also said that customers can walk in at any time 24/7 to access their servers which means there is a staff member at the datacenter at all times.

    I am somewhat interested in other questions though. Weren't important enough to me to ask.


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