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    That Scipt Guy (review)...

    I am sharing the love today (my review of Liquid Web below)...

    Well, onto

    I needed someone to help me out as I wanted a vBulletin board put up for my new project and I duly found That Script Guy at WHT following a positive review by someone he had done some work for.

    The Project
    I brought a vBulletin licence and as I have only ever experienced phpBB3 before, I was a little tentative as to installation and modding the forum. So I needed a vBulletin expert and found TSG. Kevin Cackler (the brains behind TSG) got back to my opening ticket within minutes and within 30 minutes or so later had vBulletin, a modified style and a custom mod installed perfectly (and on a Sunday evening as well!!!)

    And then the problems began. A hacker managed to get into vBulletin and destroyed tables and deleted my registered users accounts so I was back onto Kevin. He restored the forum back to how it was before the hacker got into it but then the same thing happened and we went through the same process of restoring the forum with the hacker destroying it again and so on. Whilst this happened we took security issues of changing email passwords and anything else we could think of as to how the hacker was getting into the forum.

    Kevin even took it upon himself to move my forum to his personal server for a few days to see if the hacker was getting into WHM to cause trouble. After the forum was running fine for 3 days we moved it back to my Wired Tree server - and the problems began again.

    Securing vBulletin
    Kevin then went about securing vBulletin using methods that I've never thought possible and locked the hacker out - only for the hacker to get into WHM and my Grove Portal at Wired Tree. It was then decided it be best I move hosting provider and start from scratch with brand new usernames/passwords/email accounts for communication etc.

    Finally, this morning Kevin moved my forum from a secure location to my new Liquid Web server and so far (fingers-crossed) everything has been good.

    Kevin Cackler
    Probably, the best vBulletin guy on the net. This guy literally seems to live at home and doesn't venture out his door. He responded to all my tickets (and I reckon I've posted a total of 100 tickets/responses over the past 10 days or so at all times of the day) within half an hour but more often than not, minutes. Work is carried out within seconds of requesting it and he goes about making sure everything works as it should before responding to say the work is complete. All ticket responses were well-written and he was polite and sounded as helpful all the time (I've come across some companies who get annoyed at the number of tickets I send but Kevin seemed only to happy to help and answer my questions all the time). If someone had sent me so many tickets I would have been annoyed as hell!!!

    Plus he really knows vBulletin and servers inside out. I'm not very technical at all but Kevin explained everything so well that even I understood what he was doing and how we could progress dealing with my problems.

    Cost wise, he isn't the cheapest chap in the world but I can understand you get what you pay for - and I was more than happy to pay my bill at the end as his service is second to none.

    All I can say is if you ever need any vBulletin help, Kevin @ should always be your first port of call.
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    Terrible ordeal with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure this review will be useful for others in need of help with vBulletin!
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    Kevin definitely is the man.
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    Thank you so much for the great review, Dav. It really is nice to read such appreciative words about my work.

    To any freelancers out there - If Dav ever asks you to do something, jump on it (Though to be honest, I hope he never has to go outside of us to get anything done). He's quick in his communication and quick on payments. It's always nice to have a cooperative client that will stay up until 1AM to chat with you because they're halfway around the world.

    Just a fantastic experience.

    And thanks for the additional words there, Steven.

    It's nice to be appreciated

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    Great review, keep us updated.

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    Excellent Review!

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    great review, booked mark his site thanks

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    People always complain when they have a bad experience but hardly ever give credit when they have a good experience. Good to hear you had such a great experience mate, and I'm glad to see you put in the effort to let everyone know. Certainly something to be admired.

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    Great to hear that everything worked out in the end. I'll keep them in mind for any future projects!
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    Sounds good, bookmarked!

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