VPS.NET Cloud Hosting - Next Generation Web Hosting!

With other providers, you simply buy a VPS with fixed resources. With VPS.NET, we give you full root access and the ability to buy nodes within the cloud so that you can build a VPS to fit your own specs! You’re in control of how many resources you actually need, giving you more bang for your buck!

Each cluster (node) of resources can be as low as $10!!

Resources Available: http://vps.net/

0.4GHz - 7.2GHz Dedicated CPU
256MB – 4608MB RAM
10GB – 180GB Storage
250GB – 4500GB Bandwidth

Features of VPS.NET: http://vps.net/virtual-private-server

•FREE ISPmanager Pro ($34/month value)
•FREE and Unlimited Comodo SSL's
•Build, test and deploy your server instantly
•Choice of operating systems
•Access limitless resources with instant scalability
•Self healing with automatic failover
•Daily billing - only pay for what you use
•Fully redundant gigabit network connectivity
•No commitment - upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime
•Easy to use management interface, API & full root access
•Turnkey Linux with included applications:

-Wordpress –phpBB -Ruby Rails –MySQL -Drupal 5
-Drupal 6 –Joomla –Core -Google App Engine SDK
-Tomcat –LAMP –LAPP –MediaWiki –Django -PosgreSQL

VPS.NET: vps.net
Next Generation Web Hosting