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    Section of Website Hosted on Diff. Server how to use same Domain name?


    Not quite sure where to even start...

    My Situation: I have a website (wwwexample.c o m),this website is hosted on my server at home, and has its own IP address etc..I'm looking to create a new section (call it blog) for the website, but I want it built on a web hosting service provider.

    I want to integrate this new section into my existing website, and maintain the same URL structure so that the new section appears like so:

    wwwexample.c o m (originalwebsite)
    wwwexample.c o m/blog(new section to be integrated from Webhosting company)

    How can I make it so that the new section shares the same URL, and so that when someone clicks on examplec o m/blog it goes to the new section hosted somewhere else?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    You can do it like this. - -

    To do the above example, you would need to use "A" records. You can set those in WHM, or at your domain registrar if your using their DNS.

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    As far I know you cannot host domain & sub-directory to different location, but you can host domain & sub-domain to different location as mentioned above.

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    Hi thanks for the quick reply, I'm actually trying to avoid that URL set up.. Do you know of any other way?

    I was thinking of doing something like this.. (DNS Round Robin)

    server A hosts website
    server B hosts section of website (blog)

    Server A: is actual website
    Server B: same file structure as server A, but only has redirect scripts

    If visitor lands on server A website, everything is rendered correctly

    If visitor lands on server B website, they are redirected to the corresponding server A website page

    Basically the visitor is always forced back onto Server A through redirects.


    On the server A website, there is a link to a blog section ( If clicked, the visitor is directed to the server B website that hosts the blog section.


    DNS round robin would keep the same URL, albeit taking longer.. any suggestions? Can anyone outline a brief summary of another way I might be able to get this done? Sorry for the noobness!

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