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    which media player for linux server

    i have a guy he wants to trasmit video and audio. As long as i know he has a machine for trasmitting probably gives an ip in public, i will investigate that later on. the format should be mgeg4.
    Which media player should be suggested for cpanel/centos so the server will catch the ip and retransmit his signal in public. of course i have registered a domain for him
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    Have a look on the hope you might be looking for this.
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    Try VLC at for transcoding, and just simple relaying.

    However, if you just need a relay you might want to consider something as simple as tcprelay:

    Depending on the way your server works, this may be enough, or you might need to use VLC to transcode or just serve it properly (session protocols..)

    Both solutions are free.
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    Yes try the its opensource.

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    Thank You
    I got more information about the audio players.

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