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    When you need to satisfy USA & EU

    Hi, is there a place could one get pings at
    EU : < 90
    USA : < 180

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    Going across the Atlantic will be under 100miliseconds from UK to NY, so it is pretty much impossible to have what you want without deploying in two locations, unless all your European visitors are from the UK.
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    To get that over the whole USA will be diffulcult.

    UK would give you a good balance between US and EU, if that's what your looking for.

    Otherwise two servers or perhaps CDN depending on your content.
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    No, but if you reversed your requirements, yes

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    To cover the whole, definitely not.

    To give you some idea, from the Netherlands (EU) to United States destinations New York 85ms, Miami 110ms, Fremont 175ms. This of course may vary depending on which route is taken. ▪ Since 2007
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