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    Search for a script/folder in everyone's cpanel accounts

    Hi - is there a way you can search for a particular file or folder in everyone's cpanel accounts on the server? Like if there was a file called "hello.php", can I find everyone who has this file?

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    Use the find utility.

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    From a command line, execute:

    find /home -name 'hello.php'

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    if you need to searhc only on public_html then try this

    find /home/*/public_html/ -name 'hello.php'

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    It may be faster to run:


    This command builds/updates the database records of all files/directories etc. and you can then use the following to command to search the entire server much faster:

    locate file.php
    locate file.*


    This is usually more useful if you run updatedb quite often, but is still a good method if you're doing a few large-scale searches.
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    Using the find utility you can have many option for searching the specific file on the server by its size, permissions and even more.
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