We needed a VPS off of our network for our web development portion of our company and so we decided to take advantage of a deal with FSCKVPS. They had an unbelievable special ($7.46 for 512MB). Now I can understand why I am having so many issues but I figured with the good reviews of the past I wouldn't have this many troubles.

First off, when I signed up their web site claims the following information: 70+ Operating System Choices, Remote Desktop Access, and "Rebuilding without having to contact us".

After signing up I soon learn...they only have 5 OS choices, no remote desktop template, and you have to submit a ticket to rebuild because they no longer have a panel for management.

Now since our development project required multiple OS choices and we would like to have had remote desktop for an application I decided to cancel and request a refund based on false advertising the first day of the VPS.

They responded not too long after saying they would take it to the correct department, this was about a month ago. Still no refund, and I even received another bill yesterday.

My tip to them was fix your web site before offering services, after this they removed the 70+ operating systems but they still have Remote Desktop Access and reinstalls without contacting us right on their home page.